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Grassroots cannabis cultivation clone


A healthy cut (or clone) is taken from our mother stock to guarantee identical genetics are passed down to each flowering plant. This process is known as asexual propagation and ensures consistent and uniform flower throughout every crop.

Grassroots cannabis cultivation vegetation


Shortly after roots develop from our clones they are transplanted into a new room where they will stay under 18 hours of light to keep them in a vegetative state. It is here that our plants quickly grow in size from roots to shoots, and where they will be topped and pruned to promote vigorous growth and a dense, even canopy.

Grassroots cultivation flower


Once the room is properly cleaned and prepped these vegging plants will be moved to their final home where they will remain until harvest. The lights are now changed to a 12 hour light cycle so the plants begin to develop flower. Throughout this nine week process the plants are trained, pruned, and defoliated to refocus their energy to forming the best product possible, and to mitigate any chances of a pest or pathogen infestation.

Grassroots cannabis cultivation pre-harvest


Before harvest all cultivars are flushed, a process where only water is given to the plants. This actively removes excess nutrient buildup in the substrate, as well as ensures the smoothest finish in the product going to market.

Grassroots cultivation harvest


Each of our flowering rooms contain cultivars that mature at roughly the same rates therefore an entire room will be harvested during one of these events. Before moving the plants into the dry rooms to dry, the large sun leaves are all carefully removed leaving behind only the small, trichome-covered sugar leaves and flower.

Grassroots cannabis cultivation drying

Drying and Curing

For about five to seven days following harvest, the plants are hung in a closely monitored room to allow for most of the excess moisture to be removed from the bud. The final process– and arguably one of the most important– is the curing process in which the product is placed in curing barrels to maintain flavor, aroma, and potency until it is ready for packaging. Much like aging wine, the longer this process lasts the more character the end product will develop.

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