The topic of parenting and cannabis has ruffled feathers for decades, born out of a stigma of drug-use that insinuates mom and dad can’t get high and be proper guardians at the same time. But as more states around the U.S. legalize cannabis for recreational use, more people are becoming comfortable with parents indulging in the benefits of a little marijuana. Like a glass or two of wine at the end of the day, minus the hangover in the morning.

Some parents find that it is making them more patient, less anxious, more playful, and, by and by, more attentive to their children. But while a trend is developing (especially in Illinois) of parents lighting up (or chowing down or vaping or dabbing or employing any number of means of consumption), anxiety about being high around children persists. People across the country are curious about cannabis—and they’re ready to know more 

So, [Chicago Ideas] got together with Lisa Hurwitz, Chief Marketing Officer at Grassroots to spark up a conversation about parenting and pot: where the stigma comes from, how it can help you be a better parent, why it doesn’t make you a bad parent, and how you can safely consume cannabis even with your kids in the house.



*Source: Chicago Ideas Blog

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