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Flower refers to the smokable section of the cannabis plant. It’s the most popular form of cannabis thanks to the many ways it can be consumed. Our Flower Line offers a range of strains made from our unique genetics.


Different kinds of concentrates have different names based on their textures, colors, and consistencies. But flavor, effects and strength? That all stems from plant strains—and the processes we use to create our high quality concentrates.


Vaping offers a smokeless way to consume cannabis. Vaporizers utilize a heating element to quickly vaporize the active ingredients in cannabis. Our vape products are third-party tested by state-approved laboratories and our cartridges meet the regulations set forth by each state where we grow, produce and sell our products.


An edible is any food that is infused with cannabinoids. The body processes edibles differently than inhaled cannabis, creating a longer-lasting effect. We offer two edible lines—Wana and Hale.

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