Dabble In Concentrates


Once we extract the concentrate from our favorite plant, we whip oxygen into it, creating a creamy, butter-stick texture that’s perfect for vaping and dabbing.


You guessed it. Sugar resembles, well, moist sugar. And depending on the plants and process we use to create this concentrate, the consistency can look more like sauce.


Unlike other concentrates, which are generally more fluid in nature, this unique extract is known for its crumbly texture. It’s a potent choice, and extremely versatile as it can be enjoyed on its own or mixed with flower.


Diamonds are lovely to look at and extremely potent. They are crystalline formations of pure THCA that are developed in sauce extracts or isolated on their own.

Live Resin

We create Live Resin by immediately freezing our freshly harvested plants, so you get full flavor and heightened effects thanks to those preserved terpene and cannabinoid profiles.

R.S.O. Syringe

R.S.O is named after its creator, Rick Simpson, who became well known for professing his  passion  for  this  type  of  product  and  its  medical  efficacy.  Whole  plant  R.S.O.  is  produced utilizing a vacuum distillation process, which distills out the solvent and preserves terpenes which would otherwise be lost to open air distillation. The process is reducing plant matter in a solvent solution like alcohol to concentrate the cannabinoids.

R.S.O. Capsules

Our all-natural R.S.O. capsules are crafted with care using our proprietary hydrocarbon extraction process. This results in more terpenes and cannabinoids and fewer fillers.


Wax sometimes has a creamy consistency similar to budder, but can also be called crumble depending on the plants used for production. Crumble is perfect for sprinkling over smokeable flower, vaping, and dabbing.


Shatter is known for its high potency and the long refinement process we use to create it. It’ll look transparent, almost like glass, which helps explain the name.


Our High Terpene Extract (HTE) Sauce is one of the purest forms of cannabis concentrates available today. It’s 100% pure cannabis. No fillers. No derivatives.

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