A Smokeless Way To Consume Cannabis


With revolutionary ceramic heating technology, our CCELL® powered disposable vape pens offer an easy and pure inhale. Our cannabis oil is triple distilled and extra refined for purity and safety.

Sauce Carts

The secret to our High Terpene Extract (HTE) sauce is that it captures the full essence of the original plant. All of the natural components – terpenes, cannabinoids, and more – remain completely intact and are naturally extracted in cultivation.


Our sauce cartridge and variable heat battery powered by CCELL® is paired with the Grassroots genetics you know and love. The ceramic heating elements give you a cleaner and cooler hit. And the glass housing creates a better flow of oil so you can see the quality of 100% cannabis.

Our Vape Guarantee

At Grassroots Cannabis, we care deeply about our plants, products and the people we serve and we are concerned about the recent news reports on vape products and their connection to respiratory health issues. We would like to address any concerns our customers and patients may have about our vape products.

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