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Grassroots Cannabis Goatman


Goatman is the result of Tierra Rojo's Highwayman bred with the accidental Golden Goat. Golden Goat was created when a male Hawaiian Romulan pollinated an Island Sweet Skunk mother plant. The Goatman buds are strongly reminiscent of the light green buds of Golden Goat. When broken apart, it produces a strong aroma of pine, wood, and dirt.

Goatman Cannabis Flower


Sativa Hybrid Indica


Energizing Focusing Uplifting Talking Appetite Stimulating


  • Terpene Icon Myrcene


  • Terpene Icon Pinene


  • Terpene Icon Limonene



Earth Pine Spice

Test results may vary per batch. Effects & Medical Attributes are based on anecdotal evidence. Individual experiences can be varied.

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