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Grassroots Cannabis Kuchi Dawg

Kuchi Dawg

This proprietary strain is a rare and interesting Hybrid with a unique look and smell with balanced effects. Dense round nugs, tight compact bud structure, and short bright orange hairs shine bright on this flower. Aromas of earth, gas, and pine attack the senses when inhaled. The effects are mild and balanced, relaxing but uplifting, which makes this a great strain for any time of day.

Kuchi Dawg Cannabis Flower


Sativa Hybrid Indica


Creative Euphoric Giggling Relaxing Uplifting


  • Terpene Icon Nerolidol


  • Terpene Icon Myrcene


  • Terpene Icon B-Caryophyllene



Earth Gas Pine Tropical

Test results may vary per batch. Effects & Medical Attributes are based on anecdotal evidence. Individual experiences can be varied.

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