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Grassroots Cannabis Lemon Grenades

Lemon Grenades

Lemon Grenades is an explosion of citrus and earthy flavors. The cannabinoid make-up of this strain provides a giggly sense of euphoria and a relaxed head high. Ocimene is a terpene prevalent in Sativa strains and contains powerful decongestant properties. It is known to produce an energetic feeling and is a key component in the entourage effect of this strain.

Lemon Grenades Cannabis Flower


Sativa Hybrid Indica


Euphoric Focusing Happy Uplifting Energetic


  • Terpene Icon Limonene


  • Terpene Icon Terpinolene


  • Terpene Icon Myrcene



Citrus Earth Wood

Test results may vary per batch. Effects & Medical Attributes are based on anecdotal evidence. Individual experiences can be varied.

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